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The Equality Gate

Atelier Commuter was a university group project, in which we were required to consider an aspect of commuting and create a prototype around this. We began by creating an Icon style article and used this to help form our mini Ateliers. I formed an atelier with Noel George, Cherie Gilruth and Euan Flynn who all had an interest in designing for those with a disability. We decided to focus on platform gates, redesigning them to be more disability friendly, while at the same time, raising awareness of the issue of commuting with a disability.

Icon style article

The Equality Gate During Construction

Constructed by Cherie, Noel and Euan, the gate prototype was built using Arduino, 3D printing and MDF. Using an RF-ID Scanner the gate recognises the difference between a disabled and Non-Disabled users travel cards. Letting the disabled user through, yet stopping the non disabled person and making them wait until they have heard a statistic, to pass through the gate.

The Completed Gateway

The Design Work

I focused on the design aspect of the project, designing the cards and creating a brand, poster and leaflet for our product for the exhibition. Choosing to put our own twist on the rail cards, to make them our own. 

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