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Jane Keddie Make-Up and Boujee House of Beauty

Jane is a make up artist and nail technician, who was in need of a logo for her businesses social media accounts and a website. She wanted a site and logo that was clean and finished with as much perfection as her make up and nail designs. I designed a logo that has class, emulated Jane's personality and uses a lot of whitespace to make it clearer. The live website can be found at:

As Jane continued her training she needed the logo and her site updated. The final logo above is her current logo and the site walkthrough below if how her current site works.

Potential Voucher design

As Jane's business grew she came back to me on the purchase of her salon requesting a new logo for use with the new business. Named Boujee, Jane needed something that was stylish and simple. After going through several designs we landed on the final design seen bottom right on the grid, this was used in the shops windows and on their social medias.

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